What is the contract period?

Most IDNet services can be supplied on a one month contract period basis, some packages have a longer contract at a discounted price. All gFast & mobile services are currently subject to a 12 month contract.

What payment methods does IDNet accept?

  • Direct Debit
  • Standing order
  • Credit/Debit card *
  • Cheque.

Payments can be set up in monthly intervals.

* Unless your card is limited to offline transactions only.

How long will my order take to complete?

If you do not currently have an active broadband service on your line you will need to submit a new provision order, this type of order has a minimum lead time of 10 working days and will incur an activation fee.

If you currently have an active broadband service on your line from another provider you will need to submit a migration order. The minimum lead time is 10 working days. Non LLU migration orders do not incur an activation fee.

Will I need to be at the property on the day of installation?

If your service is migrating from another supplier, no access to the property is usually required. In some cases an engineer visit will be needed. We will confirm an engineer appointment in advance of the installation date.

If you have ordered a new line installation an engineer will need access to the property on the day, you will be advised of the date to expect the engineer in advance of the visit.

On the day of the visit the engineer may use any existing cabling or inactive sockets which are already present at the premises when installing the new line. If no spare copper exists at the property, a survey may be required to determine if further work will be required, this can in some cases, incur additional charges on top of the standard activation fees.

For PSTN installation Openreach state that the socket (NTP) will be installed at :

 the end point of the network cable located either at:
 - the point at which the network cable arrives on the exterior of the Premises but no higher than 1.5 m
above ground level; or
 - the first reasonably available point on the network cable up to a maximum duration of:
(i) for WLR3 Basic PSTN one hour’s work
(ii) for WLR3 Premium PSTN two hour’s work
from the time the Openreach engineer commences work on arrival at the Premises provided that work will only be undertaken to the extent necessary for engineering or safety reasons. Work undertaken beyond the defined maximum duration will be charged in accordance with Openreach Time Related Charges (TRCs).

Can I place an order over the phone?

Due to regulatory changes we can no longer accept orders over the phone. You are welcome to discuss your requirements over the phone and then submit an order via our website.

Why will I be charged an activation fee?

All new provision orders incur an activation fee which varies according to service taken and length of contract. The exact charge will be shown when you place an order and our standard charges are shown on our broadband price list.

Do you accept LLU Migrations?

As long as your phone line is provided over the BT Openreach WLR network we can accept LLU migration requests. You can place your order online via the web site or via E-Mail. If your line is not on the WLR network we can assist you in transferring your phone line or getting a new line installed.

Do you traffic manage across your network?

IDNet does not traffic manage across our network.

Do you restrict access to any Bit torrents/news sites?

IDNet do not restrict access to any sites or ports etc.

Does the bandwidth allowance count against uploads as well as downloads?

Bandwidth allowance is counted against downloads only on fixed line broadband services. For mobile services both downloads and uploads count towards your allowance.

What contention ratio does my service come with?

Our suppliers no longer specify the maximum contention ratio for broadband services so we are unable to confirm them to our customers.

We can provide optional Traffic Priority on some lines to minimise any contention and also offer EtherPro Lease Line services for the best possible connection.

Can I use an email address from a different provider?

Yes, you should confirm with the provider that the email account will remain accessible if you change your Internet Service Provider. Once you have migrated to IDNet you may need to change the outgoing mail server setting in your mail client to smtp.idnet.com and add your 3rd party address in the customer portal.

What hardware will I need?

You will need an appropriate router for the service you are taking.

  • ADSL/ADSL2+ services will require an ADSL/ADSL2+ modem/router
  • FTTC/SOGEA will require an approved VDSL capable modem/router
  • FTTP, EtherWifi and gFast (Engineer Install) will require a router which can establish a PPPoE connection over a WAN port.
  • FTTH will require a router which can establish a PPPoE connection over a WAN port and set the vlan to 911
  • EtherPro Leased Line will require a high quality business router
  • Mobile services will require a LTE (4G/5G) capable router.

IDNet can sell you a preconfigured router that will handle any of the services that we provide.

Where can I get help on setting up my modem/router?

Modems and routers purchased from IDNet will come pre-configured and ready for your use, should you wish to make any changes to the set up you are welcome to contact the Support Team by phone on 0800 331 7000 or by email at support@idnet.com who will be happy to help.

If you purchased your modem/router elsewhere you may need to refer to the manufacturer.

How is my hardware delivered?

Hardware is usually delivered via courier on a Next working day basis. Please note IDNet will endeavour to have your hardware delivered to you prior to the activation of your broadband however we cannot be held liable in the event of a late delivery due to courier failures.

Does the hardware come with a warranty?

All IDNet-supplied hardware comes with a 12 month warranty.

The warranty will be void in the event of damage caused by;
Flood, fire, humidity, spillage, damage caused by human interference e.g. broken casing, cigarette burns, or if the casing has been opened in anyway.

What is the hardware returns procedure?

Please contact the Support Team by phone on 0800 331 7000 or by email at support@idnet.com before returning any hardware. Any hardware received without prior discussion will be immediately returned to you.

All original contents should be included unless otherwise directed by a member of the Support Team.

Remember to place a note in the box with your name, line number and address and a brief description of the fault so that we can process the return efficiently. If the device is reported faulty, the support team will test the device and if found to be at fault, the device will be replaced under warranty, if no fault is found, the device will be returned to you.

Hardware should be returned to:

Bridge House
30A Bridge Street

Please ensure you wrap the box in paper/suitable bag to limit the damage to the outer box. If the outer box is excessively damaged or defaced you may not receive a refund where applicable.

What are the Support hours?

  • Support via phone is available 24/7 however some queries may only be able to be handled during our core office hours of 8am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday
  • Support via email is available 24/7 at support@idnet.com

How do I raise a fault?

You can find help on troubleshooting various types of connection problems via our Technical Support pages. If you still require assistance please contact the Support Team via phone or where possible email support@idnet.com.

My case is being passed to Openreach. What is an SFI engineer visit and how much will I be charged?

SFI: Special Faults Investigation is an Openreach service for fixing broadband faults. If an engineer attends your property to investigate a fault reported on your line, he will test from the engineers test socket to ensure the line is working within specification. If line tests reveal a fault, the engineer will resolve this and no charge will be applied for the visit.

If the engineer tests the line and finds there to be no fault and the line is operating within specification, no further action will be taken and a charge will be applied for the visit. Engineer charges are dependent on the type of service you have:

  • ADSL - £140 +VAT
  • FTTC/FTTP/gFast - £165 +VAT

If an engineer attends the exchange and identifies a fault he/she may not attend the premises and no charge will be applied.

If you no longer need your appointment it must be cancelled by 3pm the business day before the scheduled appointment. Any cancellations after this time may incur a late cancellation charge of £85 +VAT which is raised by BT and passed on to you at cost. If an appointment has been arranged and the engineer is unable to gain access during the appointed timeslot, the fault is placed on hold as 'no access' and a charge of £85 +VAT is applied by Openreach and passed on to you at cost.

The guidance the Support Team offer prior to booking an appointment is based on thorough investigation of your fault and aimed at significantly reducing the risk of said possible charges. Furthermore, Written acceptance of possible charges will be required before an SFI appointment will be arranged. If you have a 'no connection' fault and have no other access to the Internet to send an email accepting the charges verbal agreement will be accepted and considered binding.

If a Customer is concerned about their internal wiring or equipment and wishes to have the engineer carry out Internal Wiring and Internal Equipment Modules this can be arranged upon request and acceptance of relevant charges.

How do I update my contact details?

You can update your details via the Customer Account Portal or email the Support Team (support@idnet.com) the details you need changing with your name and line number and we will make the necessary changes for you.

How do I update my billing details?

You can update your billing details via the Customer Account are found here: https://portal.idnet.net/

Why has my payment failed?

Payments can fail for various reasons such as insufficient funds, expired card or Direct Debit mandate being cancelled. Please contact the Support Team during our core office hours (8am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday) for assistance by phone on 0800 331 7000 or by email at support@idnet.com.

I am moving house, can I take my broadband with me?

Currently you cannot transfer a fixed broadband from one premises to another, if you are within a contract period (i.e. gFast) you will be charged an early termination fee. Mobile broadband services can be used at your new addresss if there is suitable mobile network coverage.

We can place a provision order for both broadband (and phone if required) at your new premises but require at least 10 working days notice. Alternatively, we may be able to start a 'stopped' line once you have moved in to your new premises and then activate broadband 10 working days later but cannot state whether this option is available until you have moved to your new property. The cost will depend on service taken and contract length.

How do I make a complaint?

Please make complaints in writing via email to contactus@idnet.com or via post to;

Customer Services
Bridge House
30A Bridge Street

We will endeavour to reply within 2 working days of receipt of a complaint.

How do I cancel my service?

Please send an email to support@idnet.com detailing your User name, Line number the broadband is installed on, Address and the date you would like the service ceased we will then make the necessary arrangements for you.

Alternatively if you do not have access to email please write to us at Customer Services, IDNet Studio, 30a Bridge Street, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 2DF

IDNet Simultaneous Provide Order Procedure

We can provide simultaneous provision of Phone and ADSL/FTTC/GFast for a cost of £100 +VAT. This type of order is 2 sided and allows for broadband and phone order to be placed at the same time..

This order type does not come with an SLA so in the event that the order fails for whatever reason, a standard broadband provision order will be submitted once the phone line installation has been completed and the number is listed in the BT database. The broadband order has a minimum lead time of 10 working days.

Please remember that all ADSL/FTTC/GFast Simultaneous Provision Orders incur a £100 +VAT Activation fee.

How do I place a Simultaneous Provide Order?

To place a Simultaneous Provide Order you will need to contact us via email or place the order on our website.

If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss the best order type for you please contact the IDNet Support Team by phone on 0800 331 7000 or by email at support@idnet.com who will be happy to help.

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