Hassle-free mobile broadband solutions

Whether you need broadband on the go, or a broadband failover option we have the solution.

Mobile Broadband

Our mobile broadband service can be used by home and business users at a fixed location or when out and about using a MiFi Hotspot.
Speeds and service availability will depend on your exact location when using the service, availability check will show availability at the specified location. 12 month contract.

network sim type monthly cost
ex. vat
Mobile Unlimited
Dynamic IP Address
H3G Multi Sim


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Mobile Premium Unlimited
Static IDNet IP Address
H3G Multi Sim


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Other Packages

Broadband Small Print

Data Transfer & Processing
Free Routers - 24 Month Contract Packages

Maximum of 1 free router per address in any 24 month period.

Unless the router model is specified in package description we will normally provide a TP-Link VX230v AX1800 WiFi6 router. If the VX230v is out of stock we reserve the right to provide an alternative AX1800 or better WiFi6 router.

Discounted Routers

A £25.00 discount will be applied to any WiFi6(AX) router order at the same time as your broadband connection.

Additional routers and WiFi mesh nodes will be charged at full RRP.

Slow Speeds

If your downstream throughput speed is lower than the specified minimum speed for 3 consecutive days (tested via our background TR143 speed tests (TP-Link), inbuilt speed test interface (Asus) or our iperf3 instance) and we are unable to help you attain a higher speed through standard fault diagnostics then you can choose to move to a cheaper package or leave your contract without penalty.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband speeds are completely dependent on the quality of the H3G 4G/5G signal at the location where you are using the device.

Indicated service quality is based on results from the OFCom mobile availability API at the address you selected when doing an availability check.

A one off £30.00 early termination charge applies if you cancel the service before your contracted end date.

A 650GB per month fair usage policy applies, your service will be restricted if you exceed this amount.