For a number of years, IDNet has been a pro-active supporter of Humanitas.

We support the charity with the provision of broadband services for their UK headquarters, and we get involved with their fundraising activities.


Humanitas is a dynamic, creative, grassroots charity that has worked for more than a decade to protect and care for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

They operate in areas of extreme poverty or ‘crisis-critical’ regions where there is limited or no existing government or charitable support. Humanitas run medical, educational and foster care projects in the UK, Romania and Africa and send medical teams to deliver urgent treatment to refugees living in temporary camps around the world.


The Latin word humanitas has many meanings but the main definition is humanity and kindness. The Roman concept of humanitas described the humane virtues that were expected from educated people.

Working alongside Humanitas charity, IDNet sourced and donated a wireless broadband solution so children in a part of rural Ghana can improve their education opportunities.

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